Unusual Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

Unusual Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

Lets frontage it there’s no dearth of options when it comes to chore rings. In fact, the dispute kin often own is narrowing down what they like to just one alternative This year has .

Unusual Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

Unusual Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

Lets facade it there’s no sparsity of options when it comes to mission rings In fact, the dispute people often have is narrowing down what they like to moderate one choice. This year has been finished of exciting new trends for those on the objective for an unusual engagement sphere Jewellers retain been sinking their teeth into fabulous designs, aiming to originate entity to kidnap their client’s specification and savour whilst remaining fully unique. Here are some of the favourites of this years trends.


If youre really looking to make a brave statement, two-toned regalia may be for you Created by combining two metals with different blush tones, unconventional chore ball designers passion this trend because of the different flush combinations they can originate Popular combinations include yellow gold and platinum, white gold and platinum, rose gold and white gold, and many more. Two-toned rings can moreover be a bold, less expensive choice for couples who patter afford a ring made purely of one metal, such as platinum

Floral Accents

Intricately carved cascades of flowers and petals are now replacing childlike accent ornaments Why retain a ring of flyer jewels surrounding your core aficionado when you can own beautiful flourishing buds instead? Floral accents add a romantic, feminine stroke with their beautiful actuality They further complement preceding connubial trends, which posses empitic ceremonies action outside, in a feast of mood and all things green. Floral accents dont always retain to be subtle either, and thats the large entity about them they can be fairly to your personal savour There are many different versions, from sweet and feeble to a absolutely eye-catching unconventional engagement ring. A advantage bespoke jeweller leave be able to cause your flawless ring, whether thats a paltry sprinkling of graceful petals surrounding your kernel follower or an whole garden nascent around it!

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Rose Gold

Also confessed as strawberry gold, rose gold rings are atypical and definitely strange Engagement orb designers keep found a tall extend in demand for rose gold rings in the gone year, however, with many women loving how the paint accents their canker tone. Its said that strawberry gold gives fair-skinned girls a rosy, glowing complexion and stands out brightly inveigh those with tan or darker scrape Rose gold moreover looks stunning with different coloured gems, which can often be a cheaper alternative than going for a diamond The crude depths of a beautiful emerald combined with the orange tinted gold is keenly eye catching and unique